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KOZY GWH12MB – 12000 BTU Wall Mount AC Unit

Wall Air Conditioner



Air Conditioner Remote

Ductless Mini Split air conditioning systems operate quietly, are energy efficient and economical. Installation is quick and easy - no ductwork required. The Mini Split air conditioners include an Indoor air unit and an Outdoor Mitsubishi compressor, a convenient Remote Control and all the necessary accessories for installation.

All our Mini Split air conditioners are BRAND NEW (not refurbished or reconditioned) and are available “in stock” for immediate delivery. Most orders can be shipped within 1 business day.

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Cooling capacity: 12000 BTU (3100-13000)
Heating capacity: 13000 BTU
Minimal use temperature: -18°C/-15°C
SEER: 20
HSPF: 9.2
Power entry (watt): 1000/1200
Nominal current: 6.5/7A
Voltage/Frequency/Phase : 208-230V,60hZ,1Ph
Fuse dimension: 15A
Air flow volume (interior unit): 570 m3/h
Noise level indoor Db (A): 44/39/36/33
Noise level outdoor Db (A): 54
Air filter: Washable
Refrigerant: R410
Compressor: Mitsubishi


Piping connection, gaz: 3/8
Piping connection, liquid: 1/4
Weight (lb): 97
Height (inch): 23.23
Width (inch): 33.39
Depth (inch): 12.60


Weight (lb): 28.7
Height (inch): 10.83
Unit width (inch): 33.27
Unit depth (inch): 7.09


- Mitsubishi compressor
- Washable filter, easily removable
- Independent dehumidification
- Three dimensional Swing pattern (right/left) and Dual air delivery guiding plate (up/down) to direct the airflow stream uniformly as needed.
- Saw tooth Fan wheel for noise reduction


- Instruction and Installation Manual
- Indoor Unit
- Wall mounting brackets
- Outdoor Unit (Mitsubishi compressor)
- Remote Control multifunction (including batteries)
- 24 feet of Quick Connect insulated copper connecting pipe
- Installation kit (complete kit including all fittings, sleeves, tubes, wiring harnesses, etc.)
- Warranty card - Manufacturer Warranty - 3 Years Parts/6 Years Mitsubishi Compressor Manufacturer Warranty

Remote Control

LED display with special luminous keys and buttons enabling easy operation in the dark.

- ON/OFF button
- ON/OFF Timer – to preset the Start/Stop time of the unit
- Time indicator
- Temperature indicator
- Fan speed button and indicator
- Air flow indicator
- Operation mode select button
- Operation mode indicator
- Auto Start/Stop function
- Quiet mode
- Sleep mode
- And more...

Plasma Tech

The plasma Dust Collector generates an ionization zone. Ions bind to pollutants, pollens and other irritating allergens and naturally clean the air of your home or office.

Bio Cross Fan

Anti-bacterially treated Bio Cross fan can prevent the proliferation of molds and bacteria's.


Can generate abundant anions to fill the room with refreshing and natural air.

Bio Filter

Over 95 % of the bacteria's are killed and 99 % of the dust is trapped by the Bio Filter for maximum sterilization and dust elimination.

Multi-Fold Evaporator

Enlarges the heat dissipation surface area; enhancing the efficiency and making the unit more compact in size.

Superior Inner-Grooved Copper Tubing

Enables a much faster refrigerant flow, increasing the heat exchange efficiency by 30-50 % over the traditional smooth copper tubing.